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How to know that the sanitary disinfection of dental chairs meets the requirements?

Release Date: 2018/12/13 16:28:06

In the previous article, we introduced the basic method of choosing dental chairs for you. We can also choose dental chairs from a more professional perspective. Now the requirement of sanitation and disinfection is necessary. Do you know which dental chairs meet the requirement of sanitation? If you want to know, just read the following.
1: First of all, the hygiene of dental chairs. Whether there is a hygienic dead corner or not, the hygienic dead corner refers to the part that is difficult to clean or can not be cleaned. Some lamp arms have rubber sheaths, which are used to cover joints and maintain beauty. These rubber sheaths are strictly speaking dead corners of hygiene and retain bacteria. The material requirement of chair surface can be disinfected with disinfectant (e.g. alcohol), if not, it does not meet the hygienic requirements. Strong and weak suction requires disposable suction pipes, such as the suction pipes can be used repeatedly, and can withstand 135 degrees of high temperature disinfection. Of course, multi-functional pedal switches and sensorless lamps are designed to meet the needs of health.
2: Dental chair after-sales service, especially dental chair maintenance. Many doctors find that some companies seldom provide after-sales service or do not provide service after selling their products. When the machine is out of order, it can not be repaired immediately, resulting in a lot of unnecessary losses.
3: Dental chair installation is very important. If the installation and debugging are not in place, problems will also occur, which every experienced engineer will understand. Therefore, when purchasing dental chairs, we must find a company with strong strength and good proxy for the products, and ask it to provide you with complete installation drawings, product size, technical parameters, etc., and actively cooperate with it.
4: Dental chair operation training is very important. Many failures are caused by inadequate installation and debugging, or improper use by doctors. Therefore, the training of dentists by dental equipment companies is very critical. Some engineers do not train doctors and leave when they finish their work. Doctors find this situation to stop him from asking for training. The training includes the following points:
Dental chair
(1) Use and maintenance of mobile phones.
(2) seat control.
(3) Troubleshooting of common faults (changing fuses, bulbs, pipes, etc.).
(4) Daily maintenance of dental chair itself.
The operation of dental chairs must be the operation of professional dentists. Only through professional training can we operate dental chairs. In the above content, a brief introduction of the training points is given. I wonder if the above contents are helpful to you.

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