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Choosing good quality dental chairs to carry out outpatient service better

Release Date: 2018/12/14 8:39:37

Dental chair is indispensable in dental clinic. Dental chair is one of the basic equipment in dental clinic. It is directly related to the treatment activities. The quality and performance of dental chair directly affect the business development and professional image of the clinic. Therefore, the choice and purchase of dental chair (also known as dental comprehensive treatment desk) is very important and critical. Let's take a look at the basic selection of dental chairs.
I. Basic Methods of Choosing Dental Chairs
1: Dental chair price is a primary consideration. How to ensure the quality of dental chairs with less money?
First of all, depending on how much business you expect, if your business is very small and your budget is not big, you are advised to buy a pneumatic hydraulic dental chair, which is low in price but poor in durability. If it's a dental clinic with a good volume of business, it's better to consider electric dental chairs.
What is a pneumatic hydraulic dental chair? The pneumatic dental chair refers to the use of gas film to control the movement of mobile phones. Its main features are disc pedal switch, hydraulic control of chair movement, hydraulic pump and hydraulic pipe. Why is it poor durability, mainly compared with the electronic control motor dental comprehensive treatment desk. Electronic control refers to the use of solenoid valves to control mobile phone action, the main features are multi-functional pedal switch or electronic pedal switch, motor refers to the motor control chair action.
Dental chair therapy machine
The dental chairs produced in Europe are mainly controlled by motors. When you open the chair, you can see the small motors that control the movement of the back of the chair. Therefore, when you expect a large volume of business, you should choose this dental chair as far as possible. It is durable, but the price is higher.
Of course, nowadays more and more dental clinics choose electric dental chairs as their main dental equipment.
2: After choosing the model of dental chair, we should see whether it is suitable or not. If you're a dentist and you don't need strong suction, you can eliminate it (if forced suction is not an accessory but a standard one). In fact, two mobile phones are a luxury device, and you can reduce one as needed.
3: To differentiate the quality of dental comprehensive treatment machine, we should observe from the following aspects.
First, look at the appearance of the machine to see if the joint of the shell is tight. If the gap is large, it indicates that the quality is not good.
Then, take a look at the smoothness and processing accuracy of metal fittings, where metal fittings mainly refer to three-purpose spray guns and mobile phone sleeves, if they are very rough, indicating poor quality. Finally, open the case and observe the seat-controlled heart: the motor or the oil pump.
Nowadays, dental clinics are not only in hospitals, but also in private clinics. The quality of dental equipment dental comprehensive treatment desk directly affects the treatment level of dental clinics in the future. We hereby introduce our experience in choosing dental chairs for friends who want to buy Dental equipment. We hope it will be helpful to you.

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