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What are the differences between the traditional dental chair and the electric dental chair?

Release Date: 2018/12/14 8:37:43

Dental chair is actually a dental chair. This kind of common equipment in dental chair clinic has a history of dozens. It is a dental equipment with comprehensive oral treatment function integrated on the basis of simple dental treatment machine. There are traditional toothchairs and electric toothchairs. What's the difference between the two?
In the traditional sense, dental chairs generally refer to simple dental comprehensive treatment machines with a price of less than 10,000 yuan. It is common in towns and individual clinics with limited conditions. Older-fashioned chairs generally do not carry doctors and assistant chairs, and some even do not carry spittoons or spittoons. They have become truly "dental chairs".
Although these dental comprehensive treatment chairs are relatively simple, they can meet the treatment needs of general dental diseases. In the vast rural and urban communities of China, there is still a considerable market for dental chairs such as individual dental clinics. According to the survey, it accounted for 80% of the total sales in 1999. This survey, although declining, still accounted for 72% of the total demand.
At present, general dental clinics use more humanized, convenient, comfortable, safe and hygienic electric dental chairs.
Dental chair
Electric dental chair is mainly used for oral surgery and the examination and treatment of oral diseases. At present, electric dental chairs are mostly used, and their main structures are divided into eight parts: 1. floor 2. bracket 3. seat 4. seat back 5. armrest 6. head bracket 7. head bracket press and twist 8. control switch. The whole machine is fixed on the ground by the floor and connected with the upper part of the dental chair through a bracket. The movement of the dental chair is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair.
The working principle of the electric dental chair is to control the switch to start the motor and drive the transmission mechanism to work, so that the corresponding parts of the dental chair can move. According to the need of treatment, the control switch is pressed and twisted, and the dental chair can complete the movements of rising, falling, bending, elevating position and resetting.
Most of the dental chairs used nowadays are electric. After all, it is an era of intellectualization, and many devices are using electric devices. These are the contents above. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to buy Dental chairs, Wuxi Pearl Medical Machinery welcomes your call for consultation!

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